The Metalworkshop portfolio of metal surface textures is sufficiently representative to inform one’s own ABC of surface textures for learning and hands-on use. When the visual image is coupled with tactile perception, one’s memory will indelibly record what the surface finish looks like, what it reminds you of, how it makes you feel, and where in your home it will offer the highest decoration value.

In that ABC, Ukon would in most likelihood correspond to the surface terrain of a sandy beach with its little sand hills, delicate chiaroscuro, pinkish-beige pastel hues of brass, and a pleasant matted roughness. You could give a visually impaired person a pretty good account of the bird’s eye view of a sandy beach, asking them to simultaneously explore the Ukon surface topography with their palm and fingers. What they cannot see with their eyes, they will picture through tactile perception. The picture will be an accurate one, because the creators of this surface finish have put their impeccable craftsmanship, the warmth of their hands, and their passionate aspiration to create a living image into their work.

As for us, we stand witness to the metal playing yet another novel part, donning an entirely new outfit, impersonating a new character, all leading towards new opportunities to appear in creative applications guaranteed to wow and impress.

Sandy Beach on a Sunny Day