The Residences at Mandarin Oriental - 27 stairs&19 benches

 Working at the most prestigious and status facilities is not uncommon for the Metal Workshop. However, even for us it was a great honor to take part in the design of the adjacent territory of The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Moscow. This large-scale project in the very center of Moscow was created by the order of the Capital Group by the architectural bureaus of Ilya Utkin, Sergei Skuratov.  Within its framework, our workshop was instructed to create a number of small architectural forms on the adjacent territory: • 27 stairs; • 19 benches.

Carbon steel outdoor stairs Carbon steel stairs

We have manufactured and installed a total of 27 stairs provided by the project. Such a significant number of them is due to the fact that some entrances to multi-level apartments are located below or above the level of the building. To access them, we equipped the stairs. Despite the impressive number, you will not find a single identical staircase here – each has individual dimensions. The fact is that the waterproofing work and the subsequent paving of the territory were carried out by the contractor without focusing on design marks. At the same time, each pit should be equipped with a slope to ensure snow and rain runoff.

Metal Workshop designers solved the problem in the shortest possible time – they made individual measurements and made individual projects for each such staircase. As these measuring and design works were completed, the metal craftsmen began to manufacture the stairs themselves. The material for them was carbon steel. Each of the steps is decorated using laser cutting technique. Treads for better grip and water flow are equipped with longitudinal slots. Each riser is decorated with geometric ornaments that are very refined in their sophistication, meaning wealth and prosperity. Traces and joints in the places of welding of the staircase parts were sanded, cleaned and degreased with due care. To protect against corrosion, the entire surface of the stairs is meticulously treated by hot-dip galvanizing. Upon completion of the preparatory work, the stairs were painted in a dark asphalt color. In addition to additional protection, this additionally gives them a very sophisticated look and creates a pleasant unobtrusive contrast with the light stone of the pits and walls.

Bench made of larch wood and carbon steel

The benches became no less our pride. In total, Metal Workshop specialists created and installed 19 of these objects on the territory of Golden Island. The main material for them was the same carbon steel – as in the manufacture of stairs, the metal parts of the benches were welded, all joints and seams were meticulously cleaned. Anti-corrosion treatment of surfaces was also carried out by hot-dip galvanizing. The side parts of the benches are designed in the same way – using the laser cutting technique. The pattern cut in the side parts is somewhat different from the pattern of the stairs, and rather resembles an openwork web. But the commonality of the execution material, the consonance of ornamentation – all this not only additionally decorates them, but also allows you to combine the elements of the decor of the local area into a single harmonious ensemble.

The material of bench seats stands out for its beauty and elitism. They served as solid larch beams. In addition to its stunning natural beauty, larch wood has exceptional building qualities: it is hard, resilient and practically not susceptible to the negative effects of dampness and temperature changes. The texture of larch wood itself is very refined and elegant. However, within the framework of this project, we decided to emphasize its beauty even more and treated the wooden surfaces of the benches with a special stain. This gave them a noble rich color of patinated brass, once again emphasizing the prestige and high status of premium housing in the Golden Island residential complex. Participation in this project gave us inexpressible pleasure.

We were happy to work on the creation of each element of the decor and express our sincere hope that the residents of the residential complex and their guests will use both stairs and benches with even greater pleasure for many years to come.

Ilya Utkin, Sergei Skuratov