Restorant O2, The Ritz Carlton Hotel

“Winter’s Tale” is the name of the project of the ARCHPOINT design studio, in the implementation of which we also took a direct part. And this is one of our great reasons for pride.


Architecture buro ARCHPOINT

The Ritz-Carlton hotel, for which it was performed, lies in the very heart of Moscow, at the beginning of Tverskaya Street. On its 12th floor there is a panoramic restaurant O2 Lounge, from the huge terrace of which a magnificent view of Red Square and the Kremlin opens. The reconstruction of the elements of this restaurant was entrusted to us. And here Metal Workshop had to work not only with the brass we are used to, but also with stainless steel. All such parts of public interiors were made by our craftsmen by hand. The result was definitely worth it.

The Ritz Carlton Moscow

“ripples on the water” pannels

We created six integrated brass sinks and two brass countertops for the public areas of the restaurant. But the two impressive panels with the effect of “ripples on the water” and the consonant art object in the form of a block decorated “under the wave” are made of stainless steel and placed here are of particular pride. The refined texture of the branching veins of stone, which are used to line the walls and floor, reflected in the polished planes of our masterpieces, surprisingly matches and echoes the lines of their bends. This creates the impression of a majestic sea swaying space. For each item, Metal Workshop made special technological equipment. And the most serious challenge was the realization of the idea of an art object. The design bureau provided a schematic drawing with overall dimensions.

All the details and nuances that would reveal the concept were thought out and put into practice in the course of an incessant experiment by the metal artist of our workshop. This was a serious test of professionalism and creativity – a couple of sheets of stainless steel had to be sent to marriage. But in the end, we still managed to find the right path. The result was the creation of a true masterpiece in the spirit of the sculptures of the authorship of the Swiss master Helidon Xhixha. Such a stunning effect was achieved solely due to the fact that the edges of the surface were polished by hand, and the joint between the straight section of the top and bottom of the “Winter’s Tale” was carefully welded and also filigree polished.

"Winter's Tale" stainless steel polished

Brass sink

Now we can safely say that this art object can definitely be considered a real gem of the interior. It would be unfair not to pay attention to integrated washbasins, also made by our workshop. Their design is such that it provides a rim covering a sharp corner, and the color – aged bronze – wonderfully contrasts with the polished mirror stainless steel. The material for the sinks was patinated polished brass. In order to maintain a rich noble bronze color for a long time and prevent oxidation, we treated each sink with a special protective agent. Brass countertops have undergone the same treatment, complementing the sinks and making up a single set with them. This means they will retain their stylish vintage look for a long time. With great pleasure, we can say that the resulting result emphasized the chic inherent in the Ritz-Carlton, Moscow and undoubtedly gave its interiors a characteristic brilliance. We hope that this is only the beginning, and soon our works will serve as a worthy decoration not only for this hotel, but also for other Moscow premium hotels.