Cooperation with the Peach restaurant, which is part of the Restaurants by Emin Agalarov group, https://agalarovrest.comhas become one of the most memorable in our history.   Several factors came together at once: time constraints, a large amount of work, a wide range of products and non-trivial technological solutions that their implementation required. The architectural bureau ARCHPOINT created a project in which the Metal Workshop created more than 10 different things:

  • Brass curtains;
  • Rack “”Saddle””;
  • Facing columns;
  • Pedestals for shells;
  • Butler;
  • Navigation.
Architecture buro ARCHPOINT
Restaurant Peach
Brass curtains
Brass curtains 2

Brass curtains

Each of the created objects is dear to us, but some sink into the soul especially and are remembered for a long time. At the Peach restaurant, huge brass curtains became such items. Made in natural size, they look like the real thing – from afar and up close. The texture given to them is such that it seems as if the curtains are in constant motion, as if they were made of fabric, not metal.

They are not the same, as they were intended for zoning the premises and therefore took into account the features of the interior. The curtain, designed for the center of the hall, has a size of 4×4 meters; the second – narrower – is located to the right, and with a height of 4 meters, a width of only 2.3 meters. Such asymmetry attracts the eye. Needless to say, the tables standing by these curtains are always in the spotlight and, without a doubt, are the most iconic?

Creation features

The vastness of the work did not allow the use of traditional techniques for this type of work. Therefore, our craftsmen used the technology usually used to create metal bas-reliefs.

We created a sketch form that exactly repeated the outline we needed. Then sheets of brass with an area of ​​3000 x 1000 mm were carefully annealed, welded together and carefully molded according to this workpiece. As a finishing touch, the jewelry was carefully sanded and carefully covered with a protective coating.

The work was long and painstaking. It took almost 6 months! However, the result exceeded both our aspirations and the expectations of customers – huge curtains, attracting attention with the brilliance of live brass, became the real dominant of the restaurant and another reason to be proud of Metal Workshop’s craftsmanship.

Brass curtains
Brass curtains 3
Brass reception
Brass reception

Extravagant “Saddle”

We also named the hostess stand made by our workshop “Saddle” for its avant-garde shape. Its base is a truncated, laterally flattened cone. The tabletop is a steel sheet imitating a round tablecloth, the front and back of which are given the appearance of folds draping the table. The motif of the fabric texture is deceptive: the thickness of such a “”tablecloth”” made of blued steel is 3 mm, the overall dimensions are 1.6×0.45×1 m.

Despite the brutality of the material used, the “Saddle” looks very appropriate and sophisticated, harmoniously combined with the hostesses who meet guests at the entrance to the hall.

Columns and columns

Over the years of its existence, the Metal Workshop has participated in the design of many columns. But the work done for the Peach restaurant was somewhat unusual for us. The fact is that within the framework of one room we embodied two different types of such decor at once:

  • Full lined columns;
  • Columns with partial lining.

Part of the columns was completely lined with stainless steel, which reproduces the effect of “ripples on the water” in texture. Then the entire surface – and this is 4×0.95×0.95 m. – was covered with brass spraying using PVD technology. The resulting result evokes a lasting impression of columns of fluttering golden water striving from the ceiling to the floor.

The size of the facing of the second type of columns is more modest – 1.45×0.27×0.415 m. But this does not make them less spectacular. On the contrary, the artistically processed uneven cut of matte plates of real brass, illuminated by LED strips, contrasts favorably with the stone base of the columns.

WALL CLADDING stainless steel

Unexpected challenges and masterful solutions

There has never been an architectural project that would have done without force majeure. In our case, ceramic sinks became such a force majeure, for which the Metal Workshop craftsmen had to make brass pedestals.

We completed our part of the work and were already preparing for installation, when it turned out that the brought sinks differ in size from the design ones. Nevertheless, we adequately accepted this challenge, delicately adjusting and supplementing the designs. Now both the sinks and the pedestals for them look as they should – perfect.

brass lavatory basin
brass lavatory basin

Decorative forms

There was a place in our work for small forms. They were brass butlers standing at the entrance to the hall. They resemble human figures in shape and serve as stands for accessories like handbags, clutches, scarves, or, if we are talking about men, hangers for a jacket or tuxedo.

Made of brass wire, navigation is surprisingly simple, concise and at the same time perfectly fulfills its function. The case when the ingenious is not only simple, but also stylish. Working at the limit of one’s strength and capabilities allows one to grow above oneself, improve and create something beyond the limits of possibilities. We thank the architects and customers for this opportunity and for the high confidence placed in us. This project will forever remain in our hearts.”


brass stand
brass stand