Metalworkshop attends construction industry highlight, The BIG 5 in Dubai

Metalworkshop has attended the high-profile trade show of the construction industry, The
BIG 5, Dubai, earlier this December 2022 This year, the trade show welcomed 2000 exhibitors
from 60 countries, and nearly 55,000 qualified visitors from XX countries.
Many visitors said our stand had made their day at the show. Our stand featured the art
object titled Dunes. Sunset, sculpted in polished brass with a patina finish.
The first object that met the eye at our stand was the Through the Looking Glass reception
desk of polished stainless steel, with a ground-steel tabletop.
Among the visitors at our stand, we welcomed UAE government officials representing a
number of ministries and agencies, representatives for some major developers and building
contractors from the UAE and beyond, including Egypt and South Africa, and many other
notable visitors.
In our decision to showcase not just any objects, but artworks at the show, we were
motivated by the desire to exhibit our best work. An art object requires high-quality input from
a multi-skilled team of designers, metalworkers, welders, grinders, polishers, and packers, but
the most important part is to coordinate the collaboration process every step of the way.
The panels we had manufactured for our stand were carefully packed complete with all the
fittings and an installation guide, and shipped to Dubai by air. The shipping company took good
care of the panels en route, and had them delivered straight to the expo center. Local installers,
supervised by our staff, set up all parts of the panels and the lighting fixtures for proper
We had an impressive structure set up, assembled from a large number of polished, patina
finished metal sections making up two walls 3.5 meters high. It was a head-turner! At first, our
visitors merely admired the panels before coming closer to investigate what they’re made of
and how.
Some visitors could not help touching the warm metal, tapping the surface with their
fingers. Many visitors asked what metal the panels were made of and whether they were fit for
outdoor installation or were only meant to be set up indoors.
Some visitors took interest in the mock-up of the decorative marquetry screen we have
manufactured for an ongoing project of ours where our job is to beautify the elevator portals
for Carré Blanc Apartments in Moscow. The more inquisitive visitors wondered how we had
attached the three layers of that screen to each other. The query made sense as no fastening
device of any kind was evident.
For us, the key takeaway from the Dubai show is that we made some new friends there,
and we hope this friendship will last.