House on Tishinka

During the entire existence of Metal Workshop, it was necessary to fulfill orders of various sizes and complexity. Without a doubt, one of the most extensive projects in our history can be considered decor for the residential complex “House on Tishinka”.

Pavel Andreev


Work on the interior decoration of the residential complex “House on Tishinka” began in 2021. As conceived by the architect of the project, Pavel Andreev, natural materials should have prevailed in the interior design of the building: natural stone, ceramics, metals, in particular, brass. It was assumed that patterns in the color of copper, bronze or brass would be applied to thin three-millimeter ceramic cladding sheets in all public spaces of the complex.

The search for a company that could complete such significant work on time was a difficult issue for both the architect and the general contractor. However, such a company was found: it became the Metal Workshop.

Scope of work

It would not be an exaggeration to say that we had a titanic amount of work ahead of us. It was necessary to create and assemble from brass:

  • decorative inserts in wall cladding;
  • decorative inserts of columns;
  • skirting boards;
  • lining of door portals and elevator portals.


Wall decor

Already at the very beginning of the work, our specialists proposed an original solution to the task: for the ornamental decoration of the walls, it was decided to use thin sheet brass measuring 3000×1000 mm. This made it possible to cut and apply brass inserts of a very impressive size to the ceramic base.

After gluing onto ceramic tiles, each metal part of the decor was carefully polished and patinated. Thanks to this solution, we were able to almost completely get rid of visible seams and joints. The use of strips of different widths – 50 and 100 mm. – for different parts of the decor, coupled with its emphasized geometricity, made it possible to create the impression of a lively pulsation of energy that permeates the entire building.

In total, we spent more than 1,000 linear meters of brass strip on the design of halls and common areas. And now the glare of light on the decor from it attracts and captivates the eye of every visitor, creating a feeling of a swift, smooth and continuous flow.

Column decor

The columns of the residential complex “House on Tishinka” can rightfully be considered a worthy example of a constructivist style. The combination of patterns characteristic of natural stone and the strict geometry of brass inlay creates a confident impression of elegant luxury and seasoned style. This is the effect that befits premium class housing.

Hall columns have a square section. Masters of Metal Workshop, using carefully polished corners 4 mm thick as edging, gave them extra chic, visually emphasizing monumentality and sophistication.

Skirting boards and portals

The texture and color of the patinated brass harmonize wonderfully with the natural stone used in the decoration.

For the design of skirting boards and portals, we chose a strip width of 100 mm. This made it possible to achieve an effect in which the decor of the walls and the plinths seem to echo each other, creating the impression of a geometric division of space so characteristic of constructivism.

The darker and more radiant surface of the brass areas contrasts with the lighter and matte surface of the finishing stone and ceramic tiles. This creates a powerful chord that achieves a sense of aesthetic perfection of the entire interior.

Difficulties and ways to overcome

Of course, such a large-scale project caused certain difficulties, which, nevertheless, we successfully overcame. The main problem was the number of linear products that had to be made. The workshop solved this problem by purchasing the necessary grinding equipment.

All the elements made during the day were immediately sent to the construction site, where the Metal Workshop installers installed them without delay. Thus, we have established a continuous production cycle, which allowed us to complete the work with our inherent quality and on time. And we are immensely glad that the residents and visitors of the “House on Tishinka” can now share with us the admiration for the amazing beauty of the processed brass.