Water World reception desk 

Harmony comes from within. It is the precise moment when your energies are in a state of equilibrium, tranquility and accord. It is the rapturous realization of being at peace with yourself and the world around. It is possible to capture and retain this state of mind while in the process of creating, or being in the presence of something uniquely beautiful, perfect, and holistic. But it takes a true master to convey their integral vision through an object they create, someone who has the formula needed to combine the different, sometimes even mutually opposed, elements – the forms, media, textures, colors, and light that give flesh to the image in the creator’s mind – at their fingertips.

The Water World reception desk, created by Metal Workshop, is more than a designer piece of furniture. It looks out of this world, as if transplanted here from an entirely different dimension. It puts a spell on you the instant you rest your gaze upon, or palpate its smooth metallic surface, for it magically changes and transforms the ambience around it. The custom crumpled-metal process used in the vertical part of the desk has yielded a metal surface evocative of a water expanse playing in the cheerful, iridescent sunrays. The streamlined shape of the vertical surface morphs organically into a pristine horizontal plane, polished to an ideal finish by Metal Workshop craftsmen with state-of-the-art tools in their seasoned hands. The piece looks stunningly light in its visual integrity, with all parts, components, joints, junctions, and fasteners, both exposed and invisible, beautifully proportioned. We are looking at a veritable paragon of harmony, wherein all components work organically together in a consonant and balanced manner by any measure, whether technical or decorative.

The Water World bespoke reception desk grabs attention right away before transporting the spectator to the magical world of the deep, where sunlight, shooting through the water mass, gets refracted on the sleek skins of the ocean dwellers or reaches all the way down to the sandy bottom. The thing about Water World is that it is a rare amalgamation of several elements: metal, earth as surface, air as space, and light. Light gets to play a special role in this story. Whether in the form of natural daylight or artificial illumination, light always falls on every facet of this desk, letting the crumpled and glossy metal topographies play, shaping up an ambience unlike any other, and wedding the visible decorative effect to the invisible surrounding energy. The strip of LED illumination wrapping around the bottom of the desk front appears to elevate the piece somewhat above the floor, making it appear weightless, hovering above the surface of the sea or gliding like a giant fish with shiny scales. At the same time, the LED lights illuminate a portion of the floor, transforming it into a natural extension of the desk, resembling an illuminated magic trail.

The streamlined geometry of the piece, its polished crumpled-metal surface, illumination, and the specks of light frolicking on the surface all combine to reinforce the illusion that the space contiguous to the Water World reception desk is simply its natural extension. Created to precise metrics and specifications in the workshop, the desk appears to harbor the intention to dissolve and merge with the interior concept that surrounds it: The iridescent play of light on the uneven surface terrain makes its solid contour look blurred and unstable like a water surface. The piece owes this visual effect largely to the fact that each of the constituent parts of this 3D puzzle comes with its own reflecting surface, refracting rays of light, reflecting colors, and transforming the images of adjacent objects. This explains why the desk and each of its elements appear weightless, ethereal and enigmatic from any observation angle.

The proprietary knowhow applied by Metal Workshop has given the metal a surface topography evocative of an illuminated water surface with subtly iridescent ripples, as from a gentle gust of wind. The observer’s gaze seems to momentarily sink past the surface into the fantastic world beyond, filled with emotions and images, wonderfully peaceful, relaxing and meditative. It takes extraordinary craftsmanship and a superior sense of harmony to emulate a water surface in metal, combining diverse elements in a bespoke piece of furniture so that they appear to naturally belong together.