Bespoke metal work for Timati's residence

Timati’s new two-level residence has become another, but far from ordinary, project in which our workshop took part.

Executed by YODEZEEN, this project included an incredible amount of decorative elements not only from the brass we are used to, but also from stainless steel and hot-rolled blackened metal.

The Metal Workshop implemented the following positi

Timati's appartment
Timati’s appartment

ons within its framework:


Cabinets and racks;

Table bases;


Skirting boards;

Steel shop.

You can talk about each of the items for a long time. But, in our opinion, we should start with mirrors.



We designed several mirrors at once throughout the residence. Each can be considered as a separate masterpiece in the style of brutalism. One fact: to transport them to the 6th floor, where the residence is located, we had to use a crane. Each of these mirrors deserves a separate description. One of the walls is occupied by a luxurious mirror 1000*2550 mm. size. Its frame is made of black hot-rolled metal, and we separately worked on the texture – using a kind of patination technology, we achieved the effect of dross on the metal. To prevent further corrosion, the frame was carefully varnished with a varnish specially designed for this purpose.

The final weight of this masterpiece turned out to be impressive – 140 kg. Even more impressive are the two bathroom mirrors, each weighing approximately 230 kg and measuring 1600*2550 mm. However, it was not the weight, but the dimensions that became the biggest problem when installing these mirrors. In order to install them in a relatively small bathroom space, we had to employ up to 6 workers at the same time. Also for the bathroom, we designed a mirror cabinet made of black hot-rolled metal. Its mirror surface is equipped not only with illumination, but also with heating of the plane. This design solution is designed to prevent fogging of glass in high humidity. We applied all our skills, perfectly combining the metal and wood parts of the cabinet. In addition, we had to solve the problem of fastening – with a weight of more than 100 kg, we could not allow unnecessary loads on the decorative suspended ceiling, so the cabinet is fastened with studs to concrete ceilings. Another unusual item in this series, in the design of which we participated, is a small round mirror in a frame made of black hot-rolled metal. With its small dimensions relative to other mirrors of the residence – only 900 mm.

– This mirror has one interesting feature. Mounted on a swivel rod, it easily rotates around its axis. To fix the mirror in the position required by the designer, our workers had to fasten mortgages through drywall directly into the load-bearing ceilings of the building. However, the final result exceeded all expectations. The finish of the mirror contributes a lot to this: the patinated black hot-rolled metal of the frame looks great against the background of the white facing stone of the bathroom walls. Hidden lighting also contributes. We have not changed our main working material – a large-sized mirror in a brass frame with a size of 1600 * 600 mm. decorates the entryway.

The design and decoration of this mirror is quite remarkable: the brightened reflective surface is mounted on MDF, and the frame is patinated in such a way as to give it a rough but elegant texture of baked brass. The metal parts of this mirror are also treated with an anti-corrosion coating.

Functional decor elements

It may seem that we did not use much brass in the project. This is not true. The two-level space of the residence is connected by communications. Metal Workshop designed them in brass boxes adorned with polished steel sheets. Perhaps this element of decor is the richest in finishing techniques. The brass of the boxes is polished, satin-finished and covered with patina. Through a combination of sanding, satin finish and patination, an amazingly beautiful burnt brass color with a heat tint effect was achieved. Satin-finished stainless steel sheets 1.5 mm thick. planted on hardware. The resulting subtle contrast between the pronouncedly rough texture of the bolts and the delicate, smooth surface of the steel is unforgettable.

Kitchen decor

A number of items were created by us to decorate the kitchen space. For example, supports made of hot-rolled steel in the form of crescents. The steel thickness is 5 mm. Serious enough to withstand even the powerful load of an oak slab countertop. The hood above the kitchen island hob also looks unusual: part of it is designed in the form of an AISI 304 stainless steel shelf, on which there are several small pots with live plants. The dimensions of this rack inspire respect: 3000x1200x600 mm. with a weight of more than 200 kilograms. Due to the huge weight, after mounting the shelves, their surface was distorted and no longer looked perfectly polished. We solved this problem by manufacturing and installing additional “armor” around the entire perimeter. The kitchen is decorated with 6 large planters made of black hot-rolled metal 10 mm thick. With a weight of more than 80 kg., They do not look massive or bulky at all. The patinated surface contributes to this. Thanks to her, the pots look smart and stylish. MDF skirting boards 160 * 20 * 80 mm, glued with mm stainless steel, are also noteworthy. At the request of the designers, we made one edge sharp, the other rounded. We are glad to take part in such large-scale works. We are happy that they required us to demonstrate a wide variety of skills. We thank the customer for the opportunity to take part in them and wish you to enjoy the beauty and power of the residence’s interiors for a long time to come.