Staircases at the residences Barkli's Gallery

During its existence, the Metal Workshop has implemented a very impressive number of projects. Among them were both truly huge – for dozens of items and hundreds of linear meters of used metal, and very small ones. But we have always strived for one thing – perfection. The staircase for the Apartment complex Barkli Gallery, designed by London-based Aedas Interiors, was no exception.

Brass railings


Our craftsmen completed and installed a metal part for it – handrails and balusters. Parts of a whole The bulk of Metal Workshop’s work was to create a brass handrail, 32 uprights and the same number of thrust bearings and decorative overlays. All these parts were created in a short time by our workshop, all that remained was to deliver them to the assembly site, mount them and give them a final shine by polishing.

The work was not supposed to be difficult, but in its execution we encountered unexpected difficulties. Installation problems When our employees arrived at the site, it turned out that the steps of the stairs were already lined with marble. And it was a very serious mistake in the order of work.

She immediately raised two constructive questions that we had to quickly resolve:

1. How to attach to the base the brass balusters of the railing through the marble facing, provided that its thickness is 30 mm., And the carbon steel of the base of the stairs is only 1.5 mm. and the staircase itself is sewn up with drywall from below?

2. How should the handrail be fixed in such conditions in order to repeat the complex helical geometry of the staircase itself? This task was the most serious test of our qualifications. The best craftsmen of Metal Workshop were involved in the search for a technical solution that would satisfy everyone.

After a series of trial and error, we finally managed to modify the general idea so that it satisfies all the requirements of the project. We can safely say that our employees have once again proved their highest professionalism and ability to withstand any challenges in terms of working with metals. Natural outcome After all technical problems were successfully resolved, we completed all installation work in the shortest possible time.

The lace staircase appeared before the customer in all its elegant beauty. Each of the 32 railing posts is made of a thin brass rod, visually very simple and resembles a strongly elongated ellipse. Made of thin rods, they create the impression of delicacy and filigree. The whimsical spiral in which they are located only enhances this feeling.

A separate masterpiece, although hidden from view, should be recognized as brass thrust bearings, which are attached to each other balusters and handrails. It is these thrust bearings that provide additional rigidity, so necessary for the stair railing. Another very simple and very important detail of the beauty we created was decorative overlays.

These small details are, nevertheless, of great aesthetic value – they cover the place where the balusters are attached to the marble, which is lined with the base of the stairs. Stair cladding materials also contribute to the emerging feeling of lightness and weightlessness. Black, white and gold are colors commonly associated with confident luxury.

The black marble of the treads contrasts powerfully with the white marble of the risers. The delicate golden color of the carefully polished brass of the handrail and balusters balances them, bringing a calm sense of harmony. Of course, the processing technique also deserves mention. Each – even the smallest – detail was diligently polished, all seams were carefully welded and cleaned.

It was done at such a high level that the customer, accepting the work, could not find the welding spots! Should we say that for us it has become the highest form of evaluation of skill? The Metal Workshop masters were immensely happy to take part in this seemingly simple and very deep aesthetic project. We sincerely hope that, looking at our creation, a respected customer will every time experience a pleasure similar to that with which we carried out this project.