Painters, jewelers, designers, and masters of many different crafts have worked wonders with gold since time out of mind. Gold has been sought-after, mined, forged, transformed into jewelry, interior decorations, spun gold and fabrics for ages. The Metalworkshop team welcomed the opportunity to channel the energy and potential of gold into this Trinion surface texture, a masterpiece corollary to years of experience and cultivation of superb craftsmanship.

With the Trinion surface finish, it is sometimes difficult to tell if it looks more like melted gold with twirling, iridescent flows, or some giddily expensive hand-spun silk with magical, gently undulating textured folds. So artfully have Metalworkshop masters, like the alchemists of old, transubstantiated copper into gold! And not only have they been pretty open about the process, they have actually spotlighted the result for all to see! It looks chic, expensive, exquisite, creative, natural and ethereal, up-to-date yet timeless. The Trinion texture will change somewhat with every new surface, presenting a new image and telling a new story every time, and continuing, unseen, beyond the confines of the article it adorns.

The combined static/dynamic effect just blows the mind! You have petrified form, on the one hand, and the unmistakable visual effect of melted gold flows in motion, on the other.