Item Name & associative description Item Name & associative description
1 Adidje. Tree Bark 11 Orinoko. Sunrise on Mars (or Gliese)
2 Beni. Panel-Size, Bird’s Eye View of a Crossroads 12 Platt. Impression of a Leaf, Prehistoric Fossil
3 Gradac. Hilly Landscape at Nightfall 13 Purus. Basket Weave
4 Gravoni. Japanese/Oriental Landscape, a Haiku 14 Salado. Fabric, Watered Silk
5 Grozo. Surface of a Planet (Jupiter) *** 15 Saluin. Paris-Dakar Rally
6 Kongo.  Herd of Buffalo in the Savanna. Africa 16 Tarim. Pebbly Punchwork
7 Leir. Reptile Skin. Safari 17 Trinion. Melted Gold
8 Lint. River of Gold 18 Trizanna. Molded Ornament
9 Murrey. Petrified Lava 19 Ukon. Sandy Beach
10 Nil. Exoplanet in the Constellation Cygnus 20 Zur. Sand Animation

The surface texture of a material determines how the surface looks and/or feels to the touch. It comprises all the clearly manifested characteristics of a surface, including its terrain variations. Each of the surface textures below has its own personality, its own look, and its own story to tell. Each texture is like the piece of an endless, limitless puzzle that comes together on one surface or another in such way that, depending on the size and shape of the surface, the predictable picture somehow turns out to be new every time. The designer’s carefully calculated image simultaneously carries an unexpected element that transpires mysteriously in the process of the excruciatingly meticulous work.
The textures presented by Metalworkshop are meant to serve as exclusive haute couture cladding for any surface. Although each comes at the output of a finely streamlined production process and conforms to a preset designer topography, some mysterious impromptu magic happens every time, yielding an entirely unique surface texture as a result of our craftsmen’s painstaking handwork, empowering the metal art object to perform its solo part in an interior setting.
The collection of surface textures offered by Metalworkshop can be rightfully described as ‘collected stories’, a ‘runway parade’ of elegant looks, a designer art gallery, or the ‘repertoire’ of a creative studio. Whatever else it is, every surface texture is first of all a tandem of man and metal, in which the metal trustingly delivers itself into the designer’s and craftsman’s hands for a complete makeover intentioned to give it a brand new, original surface texture.
An haute couture garment will never be truly exclusive, head-turning, or ennoble the space in which it is worn unless the fashion designer makes it from the finest materials. Garments created from the same fabric can be entirely different in size, style and cut, and still each garment will be singularly unique. And so it is with a beautiful, wealthy, harmonious and tastefully designed interior. It, too, is an article the exclusive status of which is largely defined by the surface textures, metal or other, of its furnishings and décor items. Each metal surface texture featured in the Metalworkshop collection is a piece of a puzzle, and each design project is a puzzle. It’s a creative idea or emotion that may sometimes set the pitch of the entire space. It’s the output of a studio process, always technically and creatively laborious, but always dedicated to the cause of letting the metal shine, with love, in all its glory, as if in the limelight onstage or on a runway, or at some distinguished high society congregation.
Each of these surface textures has its own character, but it will change to adapt to the style and feel of an interior setting and it will, in turn, alter that interior setting by adding an unforeseen flavor. Each of these surface textures has its own role to play and its face, forever new and attractive in each new interior setting. Each terrain feature on a metal surface will play differently in the light, showing off its lines and forms, telling a story all its own. No wonder that these surfaces you long to touch, one after another, until you find that ‘special one’ you know will blend right in stylistically but, even more importantly, will invest the space with its special sound-energy, its own theme, something so alive and unlike anything else.
This collection of surface textures, presented by Metalworkshop, owes its magical, spellbinding quality to the talent, passion and inspiration of our uniquely skilled craftsmen and designers who continually absorb and apply the latest metalworking knowhow. For its part, the company takes credit for the dedicated effort in creating an assortment of artful surface textures deserving to be part of most distinguished interior design concepts, embellishing and organically complementing them, elevating their exclusiveness to a still higher level.