Whether occurring naturally or made by science, no material can reveal its potential other than by the hand of man. The more competent the human touch, the more willing the material will be to cooperate on the collaborative project. Since man learned to make useful implements from metal countless ages ago, we have perfected many techniques for processing metal, like casting, stamping, forging and engraving. These techniques have been honed over time through the enormous patience, concentration, discipline and perseverance of those who practiced them. In return for these dedicated efforts, His Majesty Metal (and Her Majesty Brass) have revealed its most sacrosanct secrets, granting the master endless latitude to have his way with the metal and give metallic flesh to his ideas.

The Тarim texture shows elements of coining, the process of creating a high-relief surface by punching round, semispherical cavities on the surface of a metal sheet using a special tool. These cavities, or randomly located small round dimples of a near-identical diameter, make the piece look like a jumbo metal waffle. The coppery hue is a little darker inside the dimples and lighter on the even surface. An object decorated with the Тarim textured finish looks fabulous and anything but casual. It looks interesting, up-to-date, and suggestive of the owner’s elevated status. Tarim sends out the clear message that every square inch of its surface has been hand-crafted by an accomplished master.