Simplicity always looks chic when it conceals something special inside or behind it, something inscrutable to the casual onlooker. It takes an accomplished master of one’s métier with the ultimate command of state-of-the-art metalworking technology to put this simple yet complex artwork on a metal surface with a jeweler’s precision. The visual miracle that is Saluin is where motion meets rigorous geometry of ornamentation.

The Saluin pattern resembles mutually parallel wheel marks in the sand, leaving the road at an angle of about 30 degrees. It’s as though the racers congregated for an official meeting before the start of the Paris-Dakar Rally. A moment of silence before the engines rev up thunderously, one and all, the starting gun is fired, and clouds of sand dust erase the beautiful straight lines forever. Where there is a road, there is motion. Never mind that the image seems static – it’s only a transitory sensation.

Saluin’s texture makes you temporarily oblivious to the fact that you’re staring at a metal surface, especially if you mention sand and the matted copper hues redolent of the camel color. For a moment, you may even get the impression that the object you have in your hands is a porcelain stoneware slab with some funky high tech surface finish. In fact, this would be easier to believe than to acknowledge the metal. Such are the magical permutations of the brass: it keeps trying out some new looks it can wear to play new interior decoration parts under the tutelage of the genius director – the craftsman.