It’s always interesting to see a medium pretending to not be itself but something else, and playing the part well. Here we have a basket weave, which is typically used on some soft fabric or jute rope. But when you remember that this is metal, brass, you feel awed by the uncanny elegant ease with which it impersonates a weave of thin, even strips. The Purus texture reproduces a basket weave with full verisimilitude. It’s amazing how thin and smooth the metal strips are, and how exquisitely they form a woven surface.

The Purus texture looks gorgeous and at the same time perfectly natural. It took lots of incredibly hard manual work to achieve this visual elegance and natural feel. The craftsman had to invest all his metalworking expertise, his years of experience, sophisticated knowhow, and his passion for creating something uniquely beautiful into this work. But the magic would never happen without the metal reciprocating as partner and star actor appearing in an out-of-character role. The Purus surface texture can come with a glossy or matt golden/coppery finish, but whatever object it gets to adorn in the interior, it is guaranteed to turn heads and receive a standing ovation.