The original model with the time-tested design and unsurpassed characteristics of stainless steel, which shows resistance to mechanical stress.

The model is available in a glass-coated version, while the moth effect and increased lucidity make the model even more functional and practical to use. Technical characteristics of the finish.

Lightweight, but no less worthy version of the classic Peltrox. Made in brighter colors, the coating retains the traditional notes. The parallel of the shade with the color of pewter will remain unchanged. The noble gray color is slightly diluted with dark elements that look very non-trivial on a plain surface. The protected version is also distinguished by its enhanced quality characteristics. The material is resistant to scratches and damage. The protective layer is not noticeable in any way – it is completely transparent and does not change the shade of the main canvas.

Moisture resistant

Suitable for doors

Suitable for plans

Suitable for shelves