There is no dearth of imagination in artists and interior designers, yet it is frequently nature itself that inspires the best ideas that take flesh in metal or other media. Platt is a finish texture designed to resemble an impression of some twigs and leaves on a petrified surface, and the fascinating part is that it’s all metal, all brass. It seems that the nature motif itself somehow, by magic or miracle, visually transforms one medium into another, lending new properties to the surface, and covering it with outlandish visual effects.

Platt owes the authentic natural look of its texture to a colossal amount of manual work and unremitting attention to each minuscule detail. Irrespective of the size and shape of the surface it ends up decorating, this texture will fall in organically with any interior design concept. On closer inspection, we will discover that the interplay of terrain features is complemented by the interplay of light brown hues on the metal surface – these hues will vary with the light that falls on them.

In is interesting that, despite the sameness of the ornament and of the representation technology, the Platt finish will look different on convex and concave surfaces, bringing forth different stories and energy, all thanks to the supreme craftsmanship of the hands that wrought it.