There are surface finishes you have to touch to know what they really are, because they appear so incredibly delicate at a distance. You need to know whether this subtlety is owed to some contrast between shadow and light or the effects of some convexities on the surface. Orinoko is a pretty smooth surface finish. The minimal embossment of the ornament is mostly the effect of the monochromatic toning on the metal. Because of the matt finish, the metal surface may even look like porcelain stoneware with a painted ornament. The  artfully selected warm shades of brown create natural gradations of color that lend enigma to the artwork.

The hallmark of a bona fide tour de force in this craft is when the master can teach the metal to play multiple parts, impersonating things like stone, fabric and liquid, and “communicating” accordingly through plot, paintwork or ornament, or teach the metal to speak in tongues. The Orinoko texture is brass telling us about a journey across the vast wasteland of *** (Mars), about its sunrises and sunsets, and about the dancing shadows. You can feel the tranquility and the passion, the drive and the peacefulness at the same time, all this hallowed by the ultimate naturalness of everything occurring. As with the other Metalworkshop textures, the trope will find its segue on any surface shape, extending in space and changing a little every time while remaining itself.