Once again a barren landscape stretches in front of us. It looks mysteriously alive and in flux. Welcome to an exotic planet in the constellation Cygnus. It’s sunrise. Or maybe it’s a magical sunset, and the mystical far-off planet is falling gently asleep. The landscape captured by the Nil surface texture seems more akin to a soulscape, a journey, a meditation. Ordinarily, an extraterrestrial landscape like this would be painted on a canvas by a brush-wielding artist, but this one owes its existence to the magic touch of the Metalworkshop masters who have a way with metal and are conversant with state-of-the-art knowhow.

As with all the other surface textures in our portfolio, there seems to be a tacit dialogue going on here between the craftsman and the metal. It’s as though the metal challenged the craftsman, saying “I dare you to discover what I can do”, and then prompted him during the work, revealing its treasures bit by bit as the master took the correct steps unlocking the terrain, the elements, and the gentle gamut of coppery brown shades. The master picks up the thread, seeks and unravels the plot, giving vent to his fancy and letting his skilful hands do their best work. And the Nil texture is born. It’s really one-of-a-kind and it’ll stay this way. No matter what the shape and scale are of the surface it covers, Nil will always feel unique, teetering as it were on the verge of transcending time and space.