Association and comparison are treacherous things, just because they are different from one person to another. But as far as the brass finish textures of Metalworkshop are concerned, this is actually a positive. You can leaf through a catalogue or encyclopedia in search of something that resonates with you, and that’s an enjoyable pastime. Or you can simply ask yourself, how does this surface texture make me feel when I touch it? Would I enjoy its presence in the interior ambience of my home? What object would I like it to be on? What kind of statement would it make in terms of style, design, trendiness, status and prestige?

Some questions Murrey will answer, even though they may vary from one person to another, and some it will ignore. Not that it doesn’t know the answer or has a secret to keep, but just because it knows that the answers will reveal themselves in time, once the piece of décor with this texture on it takes the place it deserves. The ambient interior can be any style, any mood and color palette. You just know the Murrey texture will take center-stage regardless, because there is something special it conceals behind its terrain, the golden brown shade of its metal, and its incredibly fine detailing. Could it be the story of a volcanic eruption, leaving torrents of solidified lava in its wake to weave wondrous ornaments on the mountain slopes? Or could it be another natural phenomenon? Be that as it may, something real and alive can be discerned, embedded in metal.

This texture positively compels you to think up stories, as though to communicate with the metal in which they are entreasured, in its own secret language.