The living, magical golden brown water streams, swirling languidly in playful, iridescent corn-colored ripples… It seems that the moment you dip your hand in the water, the stream will grace it with a handful of gold sand, or even a gold nugget from the bottom. And it seems like the glitter of gold from under the water meets the sunrays on the crests of the satin brown waves, erupting in a feast of mesmerizing luster. For a fleeting moment, one tends to forget this is not about the murmuring, gold-filled river and the treasures it conceals. It’s about the wondrous and mysterious splendor of the metal. Imagine that!

Meet Lint, the elegant surface finish texture created by Metalworkshop. We can only guess what its creator dreamed about, what he envisioned or pictured in his mind while working on this texture, which human imaginings and emotions were picked up on by the metal and spun into this texture, one of the most unusual surface topographies in the company’s portfolio. Even though the manufacturing process works with clockwork precision, and the team’s craftsmanship is beyond reproach, somehow Lint ends up looking different and special every time. Maybe it’s the effect of the size and shape of the surface, or maybe it’s the intent of the interior décor or furniture piece meant to wear this truly ritzy outfit.

The best part about Lint is that, when mounted on any regular flat or, perhaps, patterned abstract surface, it stands on its own as a work of art, a living picture worthy of the walls of the most distinguished art gallery.