Animalistic themes have been used in interior decoration since time immemorial, reproduced on all kinds of surfaces using most varied media. But the Leir texture positively re-imagines the genre, challenging everything that had passed for animalistic décor before. This metallic crocodile skin texture has the full three-dimensional visual verisimilitude of reptile skin, complete with its ornament. Its light brown color scheme with beige filaments looks fairly realistic. It immediately inspires a whole host of ideas about where this animalistic theme would belong in an interior design concept, what piece of furniture would benefit the most from being decorated with it, and where it would look most effective and chic. A piece of furniture or décor with a surface finish like this is always a powerful design statement that sets or highlights a specific decorative motif.

Africa, safari, explosive fun, over-the-top emotion… That is what the Leir texture speaks of, as intended by the Metalworkshop masters who have molded the metal into the skin of a predatory reptile with such inspiration, taste, and superb savoir faire.

Crocodile Skin