In a well designed interior, every piece of décor will play its assigned role: some items take center-stage while others play support roles. However, the minor roles are no less important. As on stage, the leading roles get everyone’s attention most of the time. They turn heads, they cannot be avoided, and the energy they emanate pervades the space. Any item adorned with the Grozo surface finish is destined to become a center of gravity. This enigmatic terrain created by Metalworkshop designers and craftsmen resembles the surface of an unknown planet, reached at the end of a mystical journey through space. Compelled by sophisticated processing technology and the master’s hands, the metal puts forth the picture of an imaginary planet, revealing some of its landscape. Perusing the Grozo texture, one tends to lose the awareness of time and space. One feels like stepping into this unfathomable new world, and grabbing a tiny bit of it to take home as a valuable interior decoration, adding a piece of this cosmic puzzle to one’s own picture of the world.