The metal will manifest itself differently as it tells its story in every Metalworkshop product and surface texture. To receive that story, the craftsman tunes in to some secret wavelength no one else knows about. The story can only be unlocked when the metal is touched by the master’s hands and worked on by the tools in those hands, armed with the knowhow special to the particular surface finish being created. There may be any number of different reasons why a person believes a specific surface texture would be the best addition to the comfort of their home. The Gravoni texture has this uniquely peaceful, quiet aura about it, just like a Japanese or any Oriental landscape. Its gently raised terrain, its elegant palette of pinkish, as though powdered, copper hues, and its perfectly polished facets evoke the images of lone hills and clouds, fields and trees in the rays of a setting sun. The varying pattern of the falling light hints at the passage of time as the day moves from dawn to sunset, altering the silhouette of the surface terrain. At some point, this metal may even stop looking like metal to us, but take on the semblance of a rock strewn with filaments and peppered with cavities, polished by time and the winds rather than by human hand. As with the other Metalworkshop textures, Gravoni’s story does not end at the boundaries of the item it covers, but extends farther in space, unseen, offering each viewer a veracious reflection of their own fantasies.