The amazing thing about the surface textures presented here by Metalworkshop is that none of them are strictly basic or wholly complex in their terrain, artwork or the technology involved. They are all multilevel and multidimensional – one just has to learn to see it or glean it from the vibes these surfaces exude. On the face of it, the Gradac texture looks like some grainy, pebbly stamped ornament. However, a closer look will bring to mind many different images and associations surfacing from memory.

A bird’s eye view of the dusking hills in the farewell glow of the setting sun – a picture of nocturnal nature amid the limitless expanse of eternity. The play of the brass hues of dark brown and ruddy gold brings about the special delicate contrast that breathes life into the picture and causes it to be different every time. Therefore, a Gradac-clad piece of furniture or décor will always project volume and multidimensionality – the surface finish will impart to the item in a whisper the mystery it had received from its creator’s hands.