The soul of a genius is a mystery, sometimes to the person himself, not just those around. It’s anyone’s guess what thoughts and images abided in the designer’s imagination when he thought of the Beni texture, what music was playing in the studio or simply in the designer’s head…  Be that as it may, an embossed brass artwork came into being with a rigorous geometrical pattern and a pleasantly rough surface. When viewed from a distance or on a monitor screen, it looks somewhat reminiscent of a piece of matted porcelain stoneware. This ‘painting’ readily brings to mind the bird’s eye view of a landscape with a crossroads amid sprawling fields. It feels like a partial map, to be continued on the surface this texture will someday clothe. It is interesting to note that, in any given section or area of the Beni surface, the composition of the artwork appears finely calibrated, self-sustained, and fine-tuned in terms of the positions and number of lines. But despite all this linear clarity and asceticism, the gentle, loving touch of a master’s hand shines through in every square millimeter of the surface, not a little thanks to the pinkish beige pastel hues of matt-finished brass.