We are all different. Every person will perceive an object, image, flat or embossed surface differently. The surface finish we have christened Adidje, created by Metalworkshop masters, has a tree bark texture. It makes one think of shiny golden brown silk, and it’s smooth to the touch. When you close your eyes and touch this surface, it seems that the metal speaks to you, revealing its beauty in each wave-crest, each curve, each depression and protuberance. And when you open your eyes again, all these features scintillate playfully in the light, incorporating it into their picture, now vibrantly alive.

It is curious how the Adidje texture feels dynamic and kind of frozen at the same time. You realize its story will always go on or segue into an entirely new plot, if you let an article of furniture or décor wear this image in your house and permit it to cast its spell upon your living space. The Adidje texture has a propensity to extend, as it were, beyond its surface. Invisibly, imperceptibly it stretches in the semblance of a luxurious golden-hued sheet, casting mesmerizing specks of light all around.